Saturday, September 3, 2011


Just to start with who is EYER / EYEONE he his a prolific Graffi ARTIST that have work ALL AROUND LA and other states!!! to WALLS, TRAINS and MUSEUMS like The Chinese American Museum and PMCA Pasadena museum of California ART. But the work that really got my attention is the exhibit Called "Dreams Deffered" this hommie have something to say about the bullshit dream act and the hidden agenda of that shit! (excuse my language :P) ohh and his partners work "DARLING" haha! Piñatas version of the lil Zapatistas!!! way too awesome....... Anyways... We met at a local coffee place dorked about our favorite artists and talk shit about the dream act and pretty much human rights (kinda see where I'm going here right?) So..... pretty much we united on our political views!!! YES!!! and the love for ART!!! YES!!!!!

So excited to do a collaboration with this hommie cause for sure it will be a VISUAL ATTACK!!!! and will up lift peoples political consciousness :D

For information of shows and this hommies work! check this out!

EYE Thank you so much for the BOOK (hella sick), STICKERS and Drawing in my SKETCHBOOK!
Looking forward on collaborating with you!!!