Thursday, May 5, 2011

Franz DG's Pandaguan: A Folktale of Why People Die

This story is taken from the long legend about the creation of the world written by Miguel de Loarca in 1582. The legend, part of a myth of the Yligueynes (Hiligaynon), was documented by Loarca on the island of the Pintados, a name Spaniards gave the inhabitants of Panay because of their bodies.

The myth began with the creation of the whole world by the gods Kaptan and Maguayen. This was followed by the birth of the first Woman and the first Man from the same bamboo from which humanity spread through their children. Pandaguan was the first of the Pintados to die and it was his sad fate that is believed to be the reason why people die.

Pages coming very soon and schedule of exhibition :)