Monday, May 23, 2011

Just want to share this lil story my first collaboration with an artist.. and it was my dad..

My parents are my biggest influence and motivation.. My Mom is an art teacher and my Dad is a visual artist but I never really understand why he went realistic to abstract.. hahaha! still something for me to figure out.. :) Posted bio of my father :)

Ok here's the piece that I was talking about... I know right Gundam.. I remember using poster color and acrylics on a cardboard my dad use to cover his drawing table. If I remember correctly I was 12 or younger I drew this.. Why I drew this? Well I just finish watching that show (gundam wing) and I got excited and hyped up! So I rush to my dad's lil art-studio room heres the catch I wasn't allowed in that room! But on my excitement I didn't really care SOOOO... I started painting! Then I heard my dad's car and scared the crap out of me so clean the brushes and return the paints I used... BUT I FORGOT that my drawing on his DESK! HAHHAA! I was so scared cause I know that I was in trouble! Surprisingly he didn't say anything about it until 3 years ago saying he drew on top of my robot drawing and framed it for his solo exhibition... I was like what robot drawing!? hahaha! He took a picture and emailed it to me :) felt weird but flattered hahaha!

Enjoy :)